Never any time to
Betray the fate of…
Opine to…
Plead mercy from…
Close up and slip away…

This raptured beast grows closer,
Closer still with ears of shutters
And hands of malice.

Suffering, remonstrances, guilt
Of a thousand years fly to me
Now as I pant, grasp, and fade.

This revilement, this condemnation,
Drives through my piety, my innocence
With ceaseless, throbbing horror.

My soul throws its trappings more with each plunge
Like the steady tick of the chronometer
Pounding over my head.

How I have longed for this fetter;
How I have escaped my chaos;
How aptly have I thrown their purpose;

Never more, never again
I go back to life, to before,
Collapse back to jarring sleep… to no time…

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