Yearn not for this wasting bed, with our fervent prayers and savage tears;
The comfort radiating from your gentle kisses
in time of tortured angst and sure despair
were sweet enough to warm us forever.

Fear not the wasted breaths of this hard world;
The laughter you inspired in determined anger
at the world for being red when we think green
was merry enough to keep us glad forever.

Curse not the wretched disease, wretched up and out when it is spoken;
The tender arms that enveloped us in unerring protection
With truth of mercy and mercy of love
Were long enough to hold us forever.

Fear not for the hands
hot with grief and
cold with terror;
They will follow you soon enough
and more gladly still
if it were
this same night.

Go forth in death, as in birth, into the light
And remark on the other side the joys you found
That never were expected.

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